Report an Absence

Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. It is important that you call the office whenever your student will be absent from school.

Call 425-408-4000

Change in Plans?

If your student is going to deviate from their normal method of getting home or has some other change of plan, the Change in Plan form can be used to report this information to the teacher.

Please send this form or a note with your student when they have a change of this type.

Pre-Approved Absence Request

Will you be gone for more than 2 days?  If so, please fill out a Pre-Approved Absence Request form.


Thank you for reviewing and submitting your request for a pre-approved absence. We appreciate your cooperation with this process.

If your absence is not in the near future it would be helpful to send a reminder to your teacher closer to the time of your trip to remind them that your student(s) will be gone.

Please note that classwork and homework will not be provided and make up assignments with a reasonable timeline for completion will be provided when your child returns.

Thank you,

Heidi Smith
Kristin Bailey
Anne Janssen
Arrowhead Elementary Attendance Team

Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance is required and is necessary if students are to succeed academically. Arrowhead Elementary School is committed to working with parents to ensure that students regularly attend school.

Northshore School District, in compliance with Board Policy and Washington State Law, requires parents/guardians to inform the school of student absences. Please report your child's absence and reason for absence before 9:00 a.m. at 425-408-4000. Student absences need to be reported in writing, by phone, or in person at the school office. Teachers will not be able to properly document planned absences; therefore, report those absences to the office as well. In addition, absences may not be reported by email.

Absences not excused within 2 weeks of the absence are automatically considered "unexcused." This status cannot be changed after this 2 week period.

Arrowhead Elementary will adhere to state law by following the Becca Bill and its provisions for unexcused absences.

The Becca Bill requires unexcused absences to be processed in the following manner:

  • Inform parents in writing after one unexcused absence in one month.
  • Schedule a parent conference after two unexcused absences in one month.
  • Enter into a formal agreement with the student and parent regarding attendance or file a truancy petition with Juvenile Court if a student has five unexcused absences in a month.
  • File a truancy petition with Juvenile Court if a student has seven unexcused absences in a month or ten unexcused absences in a year.
  • File a contempt motion if a student is not in compliance with a court order resulting from a truancy petition.