Playground Rules

**Before school playground supervision starts 15 minutes prior to the start of school.**

General Expectations

Safe, Kind, Responsible 

Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible

Before school, drop backpack by classroom and go to your grade's playground. 

Playing by classroom door, the kitchen courtyard or out by the bus circle

Use Kelso's choice if you have a problem with a friend

Hitting, kicking, or using unkind language when there's a problem

Letting a grownup know when you need to use the bathroom or to see the nurse

Going out of sight of the grownups when they don't know where you are

Dirt, sand, and rocks stay on the ground

Throwing dirt, sand, pine cones and rocks

Dig in the ground with sticks

Throw sticks or hit friends with sticks

Stay where the teachers can see you

Wander around the buildings

All are welcome!

Gang up against others

Stay on the playground side of the yellow line

Playing by the classroom doors, courtyard by kitchen, or behind containers or gym



Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
Sit on your bottom or lie on your stomach Stand on swing or swing side to side
One person only Two or more people
Give a safe space around the swings Run under the swings
Let others have a turn Refuse to share the swing



Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
Travel down the slide feet first Climb up the slide
One person at a time Two or more people
Slide all the way down Stop in the middle or bottom of slide


Grass Field

Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
Walking around games Walking through games
Staying on the grass Climbing the concrete wall or fence
Kicking balls into the goals Climbing on or pulling the goals over
Play on field when open for your grade and during school hours Play on field before school or when it's closed to your grade
Closed before school  


Turf Field

Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
Using the field for one sport at a time, following standard rules of play. Climbing on goals, pulling on netting
Returning balls at the end of recess. Kicking balls farther away when bell rings
Keeping shoes on at all times. Roughhousing: wrestling, pulling down, pushing, pulling off shoes, etc.
Using the "unlined" part of the turf field for free play and staying off the lined area Laying on field where students are playing a sport
Noticing where others are at all times to avoid collisions Going on the field and interrupting the game


Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
EVERYONE can play Exclude friends or other people
Play fair and by the rules Make up new rules or change the rules
Use Kelso's Choice to solve differences Argue, yell, fight when there is a problem
Letting others join the game Telling some they can't play
Passing the ball Hogging the ball
Congratulating good plays or the winning side Getting mad because you didn't win or your teammate didn't get the point
Using safe hands during games like tag, flyers up or soccer Hitting too hard, pulling on jackets, or pushing people down
Playing tag in open spaces like the blacktop or fields Running in the walkways by the classroom doors


Play Equipment

Safe, Kind, Responsible Unsafe, Unkind, Irresponsible
One person on the monkey bars at a time Two or more people on the monkey bars
Hands off friends when they are on the equipment Pushing, shoving, pulling, tagging friends on the equipment
Walking on the wood chips Playing tag around the swings and slides and running on the wood chips
Climbing up and down the equipment Standing, jumping off the top of the equipment
Hanging from hands on monkey bars Standing or sitting on monkey bars or hanging by knees