Playground Rules

General Recess Rules

  • You must always ask for permission to use the bathroom and get a pass.
  • Gameboys, iPods, cell phones, CD players and other electronic items are not allowed out at recess.
  • Jump ropes are for jumping only. No swinging them around or over your head.
  • No taking balls from others.

Rainy Day Recess:
It is the student’s responsibility to stay dry. If they do not have a hood or a hat, they must play under cover.

Play Areas:

  • Playing in the trees or bushes is not allowed.
  • Going beyond the fences or playing in front of the school is out of bounds.
  • No running on sidewalks or around buildings.
  • No standing on the snake toy.
  • Climbing trees is not permitted.
  • No kicking or scuffing the dirt.
  • No piggyback rides.

General Game Rules

  • No pushing, shoving, tackling or hitting games.
  • Absolutely no pretend weapon/fighting games.
  • Playing with sticks is not allowed except in the sand box.
  • You may never throw or play with rocks or bark.
  • Pushing or tackling is not permitted in soccer or football games.

Recess Game Rules

Object: To hit the ball so that the rope completely wraps around the pole (tethering). 

  • Incoming person gets choice of direction and serves the ball.
  • Person who fouls is out.


  • Touching the rope with any part of the body.
  • Touching the pole with any part of the body.
  • Hitting the ball with any part of your body other than hands and forearms.
  • Stepping out of your side of the court or on white line.

If a person wins 3x in a row, he/she steps out and goes to the end of the line.

Climbing the tetherball poles is not allowed. No swinging the tetherball chains without the ball attached. No kicking tetherballs, they are only for use on the poles.

Four Square:
The court consists of four equal squares. The square with the slash (/) is the serving square (#1). The square to the right of the serving square is #4.

  • The ball is served by dropping and serving it underhand (flat of the hand with fingers down) from the bounce.
  • There must be a decent serve, which means easy to the middle of another square, and decent return. Otherwise, it’s a redo.
  • Player who is unable to hit the ball into another square or fouls is out.


  • Hitting the ball overhand or sidearm.
  • Catching or carrying (scooping) the ball.
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds. Lines are out.
  • Stepping into another player’s square to play the ball.
  • Touching the ball before it bounces in your square.
  • Touching the ball any part of the body except the hands.

When a player is out, he/she goes to the end of the line and all the players move up a square. Person at the front of the line moves into square #4.

Wall Ball:
The ball is served by bouncing it on the ground and then hitting the wall. The opponent must hit the ball on the ground and then the wall. Play continues until a player is out.

  • Ball must bounce one time before hitting the wall.
  • Ball may only bounce once after hitting the wall before the opponent hits it, but it doesn’t have to bounce before hitting it.
  • Must have a decent serve and return.

The ball is dead and the hitter out if:

  • The ball hits the ground and wall at the same time. (pocket)
  • The ball lands on the line or out of bounds.
  • Both hands are touching the ball at the same time. (Third grade and older)
  • Ball is caught or held. (Third grade and older)
  • The ball hits the roof or posts.
  • The ball contacts another player.
  • A player who blocks his opponent is out.
  • The ball hits the wall first then bounces. (No Bullets or Rainbows)

In wall ball game, the ball must bounce on the ground before hitting the wall. No kicking the ball against the walls.

If a player cannot reach the ball because of interference by children waiting in line, it is a redo. If a person wins 3x in a row, he/she must step out and go to the end of the line and the new person serves. 


  • Must swing sitting on bottoms only. No tummies or knees. Backward and forward swinging only.
  • No twisting or sideways swinging.
  • No jumping off swings.
  • One turn on swings is 25 counts for primary and 50 counts for intermediate. One count equals back and forth. No count backs.
  • No climbing up poles.


  • Must slide on bottoms only and feet first. No tummies, knees or backs.
  • One person on the slide at a time.
  • No walking up or down slides.
  • Do not push other students in line or down the slide.
  • No sliding on coats or other clothing.

Big Toys: 

  • No playing chase or tag on or around big toys.
  • No sitting on top of or jumping off of the monkey bars 
  • No jumping off of top levels.
  • Climbing up only on stairs or ladders.
  • Balls and other playground equipment (jump ropes, etc.) are not allowed on the big toys.

Rings and Bars:

  • One person at a time.
  • Must go one way only.
  • No playing chicken games.