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Optional Parent Input Form

The goal of a careful and thoughtful placement process is to provide all students with an equal opportunity for a positive and strong educational experience.  In determining placement we consider what we know about individual students, student groups that work well together, parent input, and issues of classroom balance.  Our paramount duty during the placement process is to create well-balanced classrooms that work for all students.

            Your input is an important aspect of the placement process.  If you would like us to consider input you are able to provide, please fill out this form and return it to the office by Friday, May 10, 2019Please keep in mind that this form is not for requesting a particular teacher or requesting your child be placed with friends. 


School buses warming up early in the morning

Families of children in K – 8th grade may receive a call to take the short anonymous survey between April and June. We encourage parents to participate, as the results will help improve student transportation.

Moorlands parking lot covered in snow

Due to the epic snow storm we endured in February, we cancelled school for eight days. We've put together a plan to make this time up.

Barbara Ogaard holds a live bat, wrapped in a towel, while she speaks to full classroom

The Bat Lady has dedicated her life to one of Earth’s most misunderstood creatures. And there was no better time than the end of October to share her knowledge, and bats, with 3rd graders at Arrowhead Elementary.