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Welcome to Arrowhead Elementary!

At Arrowhead, we are committed to increasing and deepening student understanding in all content areas through the study and implementation of research-based learning models and the use of high quality teaching materials. Arrowhead’s School Action Plan is closely aligned with the implementation of literacy curriculum as well as the Northshore School Board’s adopted strategic plan.

Arrowhead Elementary
6725 NE Arrowhead Dr
Kenmore, WA 98028
Office Phone: 425-408-4000
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Vision Statement

Arrowhead Scholars:

Curious, Caring Citizens

Confidently Navigating Their Future

Parent Involvement

Our mission involves forming meaningful partnerships with parents and the community. Quite simply, when a community is focused on working together for the benefit of all students, school becomes a special place for students, parents and staff members. Our PTA has consistently been recognized as one of the top in the state. In May of 2009 and May of 2011, the Washington State PTA recognized Arrowhead Elementary PTA as our state's Outstanding Local Unit, evidence of the special relationship our school has with our community.
We are so thankful for the volunteer hours that are regularly donated to support our school. Here are a few ways our community supports our school:

Classroom volunteer opportunities

  • Attending parent/teacher conference
  • Assisting with track and cross country
  • Art Docent program
  • Library volunteer program
  • Field trip supervision
  • Before-school playground supervision
  • Parking lot safety volunteers
  • Arrowhead PTA Membership—the goal is 100% membership!
  • Participation in a PTA activity—see the PTA Web site
  • Participation in company volunteer programs (Microsoft, Boeing, etc.)

At Arrowhead, parents and staff work together to form a solid foundation of respect and learning that continues to enhance the educational opportunities and activities for all children. Opportunities for involvement at home:

  • Communicating daily with your child regarding learning opportunities
  • Talking positively about learning, school, and teachers
  • Providing a study space and time for homework
  • Reading with and to your child daily
  • Communicating concerns and celebrations to the teacher
  • Extending and enriching your child’s learning

Over the years, alumni have supported Arrowhead through volunteer work and monetary donations, funding such things as our fifth-grade sailing trip, books for students and other materials and activities. We love the fact that many of our graduates return to volunteer in our classrooms and some even join us as student teachers! The ties former students and families have with our school, speak to the special relationships we develop with one another. It is true that once you are part of the Arrowhead community, you are always a member.

The Arrowhead Action Plan

Every year, all Northshore schools write an action plan designed to improve student learning in targeted areas. This year all plans will align with the district’s Strategic Action Plan.  Review the Northshore School District Strategic Plan.

Arrowhead will be building our School Action Plan around the following Goals and Measures:

Goal 2:  Responsible, Resilient, Empathetic Learners

Each student will feel safe as a responsible and persistent learner, open to and accepting of diverse cultures and perspectives, and empowered to advocate for and pursue their own educational passions.

Measure: Increased percentage of students who feel safe, have a sense of belonging and personally meaningful friendships, and believe that their school is vibrant and inclusive, with rules that are fair and equitable.

To reach this goal, we will be focusing on our common SOAR values.  Every child at Arrowhead should feel Safe, take Ownership for their positive actions and their mistakes, feel Accepted, and learn to be Responsible Arrowhead citizens.  We will be implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), which will be another way we will work at supporting our students in this goal.

Goal 3: Growth for Every Student, Elimination of Outcome and Opportunity Gaps

Each student will experience continuous growth in all subjects, progress toward graduation at a pace that eliminates opportunity and outcome gaps, and receive fair and equitable treatment with regards to discipline.

Measure: More than one year growth for students below grade level.

For Goal 3, Arrowhead will be measuring growth in the area of reading.  Our goal is for students who receive ELL, Learning Center or Mid-Level Blended or LAP support and who are currently below standard in reading will make more than one year’s growth by June 2019.  This will help us to begin to eliminate the achievement and outcome gap in reading

Facility Information

Our school was built in 1957, giving it a long-standing history in the Arrowhead community. Over the years, we’ve undergone both major and minor renovations. Over the last few years, our gym floors have been refinished, the entire ventilation and heating system was replaced as well as the roof. Each classroom has an interactive white board, projector, document camera and sound system to meet the needs of both pupils and staff. Outside, our students benefit educationally from two natural garden habitat areas. Additionally, Arrowhead students enjoy a variety of options for play on the grounds with the beautiful backdrop of St. Edward’s State Park behind the school.

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