Welcome Back Hawks August 2023

Welcome Back Hawks August 2023

August 25, 2023 

Dear Arrowhead Families, 

We are so excited for the 23-24 school year. The first day of school for students in 1st-5th grade is September 6th. Kindergarteners will begin with family conferences Sept. 6-8 followed by a staggered start for Kindergarten students the following week. This letter is full of important information. Please look through it carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Every family will receive a Welcome Back envelope in the mail the week of August 28.   Soon, the sounds of our learners will fill our campus.  We will spend these last few days engaged in the many tasks that help us prepare to greet and be ready for our students and families.  I hope you enjoy the last beautiful days of summer!

Kristin Bailey 

From the Office:

Class Placement 

Much time, effort and thought have gone into student placement. Consideration has been given to the input of parents and teachers, student learning styles and balanced classes. Our classes are structured to provide equitable class sizes at each grade level. Please be positive with your child and help them to understand that we cannot always place students with their best friend. But just think, new best friends could be just days away! Our teachers strive to make each year a positive learning experience for your child, and they are looking forward to having your child in their class. 

Tentative Staffing Assignments for 2023-2024 

Please remember that all staffing assignments and grade configurations are subject to change. 

Kindergarten Marjeta Bejdo Paula Wilson  
1st Grade Stephanie Baughman Janie Radovich  
2nd Grade Alma Howe Colleen O'Connor  
3rd Grade Amanda Bowker Shelli Wolfe  
4th Grade Vivienne Western Tim Wolfe  
5th Grade Scott Barstow LaChrista Borgers  
2nd-3rd Advanced Math &
4th-5th Math Intervention
Esther Lee    
MLB Staff Jessica Darling K-2 Ingrid Walerius 3-5  
Learning Center Jessica-Lynn Tompkins    
ML/LAP Kathryn Li    
Physical Education Fernell Miller    
Music, 5th EMP Kelly Web    
5th Orchestra & Band Kira McDaniel Joe Sugrue  
Library Ginny Allemann    
OT/PT Tricia Groebner Jessica Zvaleuskas  
SLP Monica Houts Hannah Siano  
Student Support Debbie Custer
Joan Gonda
Ethan Blackstone
Mental Health

Curriculum Night 

At this moment we are planning in person curriculum nights that will include a brief welcome in the gym and time in your child’s classroom.     

Please note the schedule below to determine the start time of your child’s curriculum presentation and look for more information from your child’s teacher.  

Grades Date Time
K-2 September 12 5:30-5:55 (Gym) 6:00-6:30 (Classrooms)
3-5 September 19 5:30-5:55 (Gym) 6:00-6:30 (Classrooms)




Arrowhead Elementary Events 

The Arrowhead website has valuable information about upcoming events and resources for families. Please visit arrowhead.nsd.org and in addition to the monthly Hawk Herald newsletter, you will see the school calendar of events. Notable events coming up right away are:  

8/27 Community Serve Day
8/31 PTA Welcome Back Event and Open House 5:00-6:30pm
(Classrooms open 5:25-6:00pm)
9/5 No School Labor day
9/6 First Day of School Grades 1-5 and a full day 9:00-3:30pm
9/6-9/8 Kindergarten Family/Teacher meetings
9/11 Kindergarteners A-L attend 9-3:30pm
9/12 Kindergarteners M-Z attend 9-3:30pm
9/12 Curriculum Night for K-2 grades 5:30pm-6:30pm
9/13 All students K-5 attend - Early release Dismissal 2:00pm
9/19 Curriculum Night for 3-5 grades - 5:50pm-6:30pm
9/19 PTA General Membership Meeting - 6:45pm Library
9/20 Individual Student Picture Day
9/25 Vision and Health Screening grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5
9/29 Friday Family Fitness Night

Arrowhead’s 2023-24 School Hours  

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday schedule:  

8:35am - Early drop off (students must go directly to the library) 

8:45am - Campus supervision begins, students must go to the Primary (K-2) playground or the Intermediate (3- 5) playground. 

8:57am - First Bell (students head to class)  

9:00am - Class begins  

3:30pm - Dismissal  

Wednesday Early Release Schedule:  

8:35am - Early drop off (students must go directly to the library) 

8:45am - Campus supervision begins (students must go to their respective playground)  

8:57am- First Bell  

9:00am - Class begins  

2:00pm - Dismissal  

MISSING THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF SCHOOL or not returning to Arrowhead? 

Please call our office 425.408.4000 or email Arrowhead Attendance and inform us of your intentions. Attendance and safety are a top priority in the success of every student. Students are marked absent if they are not present when attendance is taken, or communication received from a parent or guardian. Students arriving after 9:00am need to check in at the office before going to class. 


Lunch and breakfast will be provided at a reduced cost to those families who qualify. Families need to apply for Free and Reduced-price meals and the school fee waiver every year. Menus, nutritional information, and the application are available at NSD Food Services   Families may manage their student's meal account and payments online at Linq Connect



A qr code on a white backgroundDescription automatically generatedThe Northshore School District and all schools within the district will use ParentSquare to provide direct communication to all families, all staff, and high school and middle school students this year. This week the district will send an invitation to all families who have not yet activated their account with a customized link to simplify the login process for our users. By activating your account and downloading the ParentSquare app, you will have easy access to both regular and emergency notifications from the district and our school. The app, available for Android and iOS, also makes it easy to respond to posts and reply to direct messages in your home language. If you do not activate your account and download the app, you will still receive notifications by email and text, but you will not be able to engage in the direct two-way communication features available through ParentSquare. 


A single username and password let parents access information for all their children, regardless of the grade level or school of attendance. Each parent has an individual account that covers all children. If you have never used ParentVUE, you will need to request an activation key from the office. 

Elementary Grading and Conference Schedule 

The district works on a semester grading schedule. Progress reports will be issued to families in November and April. Report cards will be issued at the end of the semester in January and the end of the school year in June. Elementary Goal Setting (parent/teacher conferences) for the 23-24 school year will be held November 16, 17, 20, 21, and 22 for all elementary students. Elementary conference days allow teachers to meet with families and school will be dismissed at 12:10pm November 16-23. Lunch will be served at school prior to dismissal. 

HEALTH ROOM – Nurse Anne 


All students must be fully immunized or have a valid Certificate of Exemption on file by Sept. 1 to begin school. If your student needs any vaccines, please have these completed and submit a health care provider record to school before the first day. Per Washington state law, students are not allowed to attend school in-person, without meeting vaccine compliance. Your provider's office can also fax your student's record to 425-408-4002. If you need information regarding an exemption, please contact our school nurse (info. below). 

Medication drop-off appointments: 

All students with Life Threatening Conditions are required to have rescue medication and emergency plans in place before starting school. Appointments can be made with the nurse to drop medication and complete forms. See date & times below. All medication must be brought to school by an adult and requires an Authorization for Medication, completed by your health care provider. Please be sure medication is in its original packaging, has a current expiration date and a pharmacy label with your student's name. We cannot accept any medicine without this.  

Please call or email to schedule an appointment: 

8/29, 8/30 - 9:00-3:00pm  

8/31 - 10:00-5:00pm 

9/5 - 8:00-3:00pm 


School Nurse: 
Anne Janssen, RN 
Office 425.408.4006 
Fax 425.408.4002 


Important Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders 

Your child's safety is our highest priority. Please be aware that the playground and other areas on campus are not open to students before and after school. Although staff may be on campus, this is their time to prepare for the day ahead and finish their day. Student supervision is only provided once drop-off begins at 8:45am and until pick-up ends at 3:40pm. Keep in mind that playgrounds, common areas, and fields are often rented by childcare providers and/or sports teams before and after school, which benefits the community but may limit use during these times.  

Please complete and return the Transportation Form included in this packet and give it to your teacher at Open House or on the first day of school. 

We understand that emergencies happen. If you have a situation and your student will be picked up late, please contact the office to make special arrangements. We appreciate your support and partnership. 

Drive S-L-O-W-L-Y on the roads in our community and in the parking lot when children are present. The speed limit in school zones is 20 mph. We certainly want to see parents following the rules of the community like we ask students to do. Good modeling goes a long way! Thank you so much to those who help by following our requests! 

Bus Transportation:  

Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten and Special needs students: Please submit the required Permission to Release form before the first day of school.   

All bus stop information will be available on August 28 and can be found by accessing Transportation’s Bus Stop Information. For more information or assistance, please contact the Transportation Department, 425.408.7900. Please let your children take the bus on the first day if they will be riding the bus throughout the year. Students learn the bus number and the driver in the morning and will ride the same bus in the afternoon. Students who do not ride the bus in the morning will not know what bus to ride in the afternoon.  

Please remember that buses may be late the first week of school while routes are established and always be at your bus stop 5 minutes before your bus stop time. Be sure to practice the walk home from the bus stop with young children before the first day! 


If you live in a walking area, we really encourage you to let your children walk to school. We will have a crossing guard to keep children safe crossing Juanita Drive from 8:45-9:05am and again after school from 3:30-3:40pm and 2:00-2:10pm on Wednesday early release. 

Driving Private Cars: 

Parking is limited and pick-up after school is crowded. At the start of the school year, new families are learning the process, so things move slow. We appreciate the cooperation and patience of all involved. Please remember: 

  • The speed limit in our school parking lot is 5mph
  • When the student load/unload area is full, wait along the curb closest to the gymnasium. 
  • When a space in the load/unload area opens, slowly move forward. 
  • When waiting in the load/unload area, pull forward as space allows. 
  • When in the load/unload area, please do not leave your car unattended. 
  • Please use the marked crosswalks in the parking lot when walking. 
  • School buses leaving the parking lot have priority over cars leaving. 


Each year we update our student information files. A part of this process includes making sure that the school has correct information regarding the guardianship, custody, and visitation rights of students. 

If a family has legal documents regarding custody and visitation of a child and there are specific custodial arrangements that the school needs to be aware of, we need to have a copy of these arrangements on file.  Any changes pertaining to custody and/or visitation rights also need to be on file.  We work diligently to comply with all current court documents and parenting plans that are on file in our office.  However, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to provide us with these documents so we can comply with the court plan. 

Having correct information regarding custody and visitation helps us ensure the continued safety of the child.  We appreciate your attention and support on this matter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Arrowhead office at 425.408.4000. Enjoy these summer days with each other and we look forward to welcoming students and families back to campus soon! 

Arrowhead Elementary