Hawk Herald May 2023

Hawk Herald May 2023

Hawk Herald May 2023

Arrowhead Community,
Our monthly theme for May is Community. If you can, take a minute to look at the amazing bulletin board Dean Fukuda put together.

Community bulletin board with pictures of people and groups that enrich out school.

There are so many important parts to being a strong, joyful community: appreciating differences, respecting others, recognizing someone else’s strengths, owning our own weaknesses and growing as people so we can be a better friend and neighbor, and being able to speak up for our needs and on behalf of others.
Arrowhead staff are excited by and respectful of the task before us – next year we will officially offer Elementary Advanced Program services to students who qualify for EAP instead of losing almost a full classroom of children to Moorlands every year.
Along with Westhill, Frank Love and East Ridge, we will offer an inclusive model, just like we do for students with IEPs who might need to “walk to” intensive specially designed instruction for part of their day. I have absolute confidence in the ability of Arrowhead staff to create a diverse learning community that also meets the distinct needs of every child.
The instructional expectation for the four schools implementing an inclusive model is a “walk to” math instructional block and in-class, differentiated instruction for literacy. Our plan at Arrowhead is to have Mrs. Lee be both the math teacher for our 2nd and 3rd graders who qualify for hi-cap math or EAP services and a math interventionist to support 4th and 5th grade students who might need targeted instruction in math. Arrowhead teachers already do an excellent job of meeting each child where they are with reading and writing. It shows in how excited our students are to read, write stories, research their favorite topic, or even publish books. Students will not be moving as a group for “walk to” literacy instruction.
Those of you who have known me for a while know that serving the whole child is my why. That means I don’t think a child is here at Arrowhead every day only to get accelerated math or reading, or speech therapy, or targeted instruction in social skills. There is a lot more to each child’s day, life, and what they can learn while they are here in our amazing school.
At Arrowhead, we believe in the power of the whole-class community because we are preparing our children to be confident, agile and joyful in our big, diverse world. There is a time and a place to cluster children by specific instructional need. That might look like a small group during reading rotations or going to Mrs. Li for a reading lesson. It might look like walking to math in Mrs. Lee’s room or walking to math in Mrs. DeGraff’s room, but we always want children to return to their whole-class community for their elementary school experience. That’s where their friends are. That’s where their community is.
I appreciate the Arrowhead parents who campaigned to the school board and our district leaders to allow Arrowhead to keep its students who qualify for EAP services AND who asked for an inclusive model. You have made our community richer by allowing us this opportunity to serve students who qualify for EAP.

Principal Kristin Bailey

School Happenings

Spring SBA Assessments

What is the SBA?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a Washington State required assessment for 3rd - 12th grade students. These assessments are used for state and federal accountability, to monitor student progress toward grade level standards, as well as an option for high school students to meet their Graduation Pathways requirement. The English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math Smarter Balanced Assessments are administered in grades 3 through 8 and 10, while the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) is administered in grades 5, 8, and 11.

When is the SBA? 

Spring Testing Schedule***

  • 3rd Grade ELA and Math         May 22nd - May 26th
  • 4th Grade ELA and Math         May 15th - May 19th
  • 5th Grade Science                   May 12th
  • 5th Grade ELA                         May 24th - May 26th
  • 5th Grade Math                        June 1st - June 2nd

***Please make sure your student comes to school with a fully charged Chromebook each day they are testing.***

Kindergarten Registration and Open House

We are thrilled to welcome our incoming class of 2036!

Kindergarten Registration has begun for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you have any questions regarding enrollment at Arrowhead, please contact Secretary / Registrar Poe Joya, pjoya@nsd.org.

Registration is completed online. Please use this registration link to start the process. 

Save the date for our Kindergarten Open House June 6, 5:30 pm followed by our PTA Art Night and Auction at 6:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Yearbooks on Sale Now

A reminder to buy your 2022-2023 Arrowhead yearbook while supplies last! Yearbooks are on sale now through May 15th.  Each yearbook is $16.  Pay online through InTouch or bring in a check made payable to NSD or exact cash to the main Office.

C.P. Johnson Humanitarian and PTA Award Winners

C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Award

It's always difficult to choose only two humanitarians for the C.P. and Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award. We have so many strong leaders and kind kids. This year, two students stood out, particularly for their courage, vision and leadership with launching JEDI. Please join us in honoring Hailey Hough and McKenna Waugh as this year's CP and Dorothy Johnson Humanitarians.

PTA Awards

Golden Acorn - Bri Gutierrez (Secretary), Dana Day (VP), Shannon Young (SEC), Amanda Stephen (Treasurer)
Outstanding Advocate - Fernell Miller
Outstanding Educator - Shelli Wolfe
Lifetime Member - Valencia Carroll

Is your student not returning to Arrowhead for 2023-2024?

If you know your family will be moving next year or your child won't be attending Arrowhead, please notify Poe Joya, Secretary / Registrar at pjoya@nsd.org or 425.408.4003. Thank you

JEDI Spring Donation Drive

Arrowhead JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) is collecting donations for both the Little Free Pantry and Essentials First from May 1 - May 19. Donation boxes are located in front of the main office. Please look at Little Free Pantry and Essentials First for a list of suggested donations. 

We are specifically collecting donations for these items and these items for the Little Free Pantries and these items for Essentials First. Please keep in mind we cannot accept any expired donations. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and for supporting JEDI!  

3rd and 4th Grade Spring Concert

🎵 Please join us for the 3rd and 4th grade Spring Concert 🎵

All 3rd and 4th graders will be performing together Tuesday, May 9 in the Arrowhead Gym. Our concert will be a tribute to the life and music of Harry Belafonte.

Students need to arrive at 6:45 pm.  The Concert begins at 7:00 pm.  We understand students in Track have an event the same night.  Please join us when you are done.   

If you haven't already, please notify Ms. Webb or Mrs. Harris whether or not your student will be able to attend, by submitting this slip or by emailing either of us. 

🎵 Kelly Webb kwebb@nsd.org and Elise Harris eharris@nsd.org 🎵

KAPE (Kenmore Automated Photo Enforcement Program)

Work is complete on the photo enforcement installation for the Arrowhead school zone on Juanita Dr. Beginning 5/1, warnings will be issued to speeders and through the remainder of the school year, with fines beginning the first full week of the school year in September. More information can be found here, Kenmore Automated Photo Enforcement Program.

Notes from the Office

View our Calendar                                                    

Secretary / Registrar Poe Joya pjoya@nsd.org                                                                                      
Office Manager Kelly Vedaa kvedaa@nsd.org

Arrival and Dismissal 2022-2023

8:45 a.m. Students may arrive on campus

8:57 a.m. Welcome Bell

9:00 a.m. School Begins* 

3:35 p.m. Dismissal

2:00 p.m. Wednesday Early Release

*Students arriving after 9:00 a.m. must check in at the office and get a pass before going to class.

Attendance, Late Arrival, and Excused Absence

If your child will arrive late or be absent from school: 

Please call our 24-hour Attendance line 425.408.4010  or email ahattendance@nsd.org and your student’s teacher by 9:00 a.m.

Prearranged / Extended Absence

In the event that your child will miss more than 2 school days in a row for a reason 

other than a health or medical issue, please complete and return a printed copy of the Absence Request Form to the office or email a copy of the completed form to ahattendance@nsd.org.

Change in After School Plans

If your child is going to change from their normal method of getting home or has some other alternate plan,  please complete and return a printed copy of the Change in After School Plan Form or send a note with your student.  

Lost and Found -  Please check for your student’s items when on campus

Our Lost and Found Rack is located outside the Library. Please clearly label all of your child's belongings so they can be returned to them when lost. 

Northshore School District 2022-2023 Calendar


We love our volunteers!  All volunteers in Northshore are required to complete an online volunteer application before being able to volunteer in classrooms or on field trips. Volunteers are expected to renew your application annually and will receive an email alert one month before your application expires. If you completed a Level 2 background check in the past, (required for field trip chaperones)  you will only need to complete a Level 1 check to renew your volunteer status. Please reach out to the office if you are unsure of your volunteer status, 425.408.4000. All field trip chaperones and drivers must be Level 2 status.

We are accepting Waivers for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Did you know families outside of our boundary can choose Arrowhead with a waiver? We have space at our school to accommodate additional students in 2023-24 and beyond. Families looking for a smaller, more-inclusive elementary school, or who may be looking for a school with an innovative project-based learning curriculum would make a great addition to our community!

Interested families can reach out to Principal Bailey with any questions and/or you can direct people to the Waiver information page on the district website.  

Let’s keep our community strong!

ParentSquare and StudentSquare Communications Tool

What are ParentSquare and StudentSquare?

ParentSquare (for families) and StudentSquare (for middle and high school students) is an easy-to-use communication tool that combines multiple communication streams into one interface for families, staff, and students.

Here’s what you can do with ParentSquare and StudentSquare this year.

  • Receive information from the school via email, text, phone call, or mobile app notification
  • Two-way messaging with translation between staff and families/students
  • Choose to receive information as it comes, or all at once at 6 p.m. daily
  • Communicate in your preferred language

How do I activate my ParentSquare account?

There are three different ways to activate or register your ParentSquare account so you can log in to the website. View our reference guide for details on each method or download the Getting Started - English or Getting Started - Spanish PDF guides for tips. 

Update Emergency Numbers and Contacts

Parents are able to update their information and emergency contact information through ParentVUE. We ask that you have the most up to date information in our system in case we need to get a hold of you in an emergency. 

If you need help logging into ParentVUE, please contact the Office at 425.408.4000.

Closures and Delays

If no schedule changes are posted, schools and buses are operating on normal schedules.

Emergencies such as inclement weather, power outages and hazardous road conditions can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation. The decision to close or delay schools is made by the superintendent as early as possible, usually around 5:30 a.m. Early dismissals will occur only if a delay in dismissal significantly increases hazards.

Closures and Delays

From the Health Room

Nurse Anne Janssen

5th Grade Camp:

Just a reminder - if your 5th grade student is attending camp this month and has any medication or over the counter product that must be sent with them, you must complete the Medication Authorization form in your packet, and it must be signed by your Health Care Provider. If your student does not need any medication along, you do not need to fill out or return the form. 

No medication or over the counter product of any kind can be carried by your student or packed in their luggage. It must be brought to school by an adult and signed into the health room by May 12th. We cannot accept anything the day students leave for camp. 

Please call Nurse Anne if you have any questions. 425.408.4006.          

Illness Reminder:

Please note: a negative covid test is still required for all students returning to school after an absence related to illness. Please test your student within 24 hours of returning to school (preferably, the morning before coming to school). Home test kits are available in the office if you need them. Also, please note the DOH has stated that regardless of expiration dates on covid test kits, if the control area of the cartridge shows a line, the test is still good. If you do a test and do not have a control line, this is not a reliable result and you should repeat the test. 

If your student has tested positive for Covid, please report this to the school nurse or office. We are still required to report positive cases to the department of health.

Borrowed clothes:

If your student borrowed clothes or shoes from the Health Room, we appreciate having these returned so they are available for others to borrow when needed. 

Resources available to those in need:

Many resources are available to Northshore families. Please see the following links, NSD Resources, or contact myself or our school Counselor Ms. Gonda jgonda@nsd.org if you are in need of some assistance.

Threads & Treads:  For all NSD families - Canyon Park Middle School - Wednesdays 3-6pm and the 1st Saturday every month 9:00-12:00 p.m.  Threads & Treads

Clothes for Kids: For all NSD families and Snohomish County residents. Clothes for Kids

Northshore Schools Foundation

From the Library

Librarian Ginny Allemann

Book Bingo!

Let’s keep our reading momentum spinning through May, which happens to be Bike to School Month! Two bicycles have been donated to our school by Ashler Lodge #121 of Bothell (one 20-inch for smaller, one 24-inch for taller).

Starting this week through the end of May…. students can read to fill out a bingo sheet! Parents should sign off on each square. With each row completed, the student’s teacher or librarian draws a line through and the student gets a ticket for the bike drawing. (We will collect the tickets for the drawing.)  All tickets will be due May 26. Bikes will be awarded at the Family Night during the Spring Scholastic Book Fair! 

Spring Book Fair!

Arrowhead is having a Scholastic Book Fair Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, Jun 2, 2023 in the library! This will be our first in-school/in-library book fair since the pandemic! 

Tuesday, May 30, we will be having a Family Night at the book fair! More info to come…

The book fair supports additional materials for our library. We will need lots of helpers! Please sign up here if you can help. 

Soda Float Challenge Wrap Up! 

16 students in grades 4 and 5 accepted and met the challenge this year, with three students reading all 25 books! We slurped our soda and ice cream on Monday, April 20. Next year’s list will be launched in about two weeks, so watch for information to come home. Encourage your incoming 4th or 5th grader to get started and expand their reading repertoire by accepting the Soda Float Challenge at Arrowhead! 

Our library is open each morning at 8:35!  Library Website. Destiny Discover, our library catalog! Instagram account @arrowheadhawksread.

A huge thank you to families who donated books to our library from our Wishlist.
Hope to see you soon @ the library! Keep reading!

-Ms. Ginny Allemann

Technology Updates

School Technology Specialist Amy Smith         
Final SBA Schedule 
3rd Grade ELA and Math ~ May 22 - 26
4th Grade ELA and Math ~ May 15 - 19
5th Science ~ May 12
5th ELA ~ May 24 - 26
5th Math ~ June 1 - 2

Please take a look at your student's Chromebook. Is there any physical damage? Missing keys, hinges not opening or closing correctly, or cracked screen.  Ask your student if the Chromebook is operating as it should - Do any of the keys stick when typing? Are there lines or other marks permanently on the screen? Do all the keys type as expected?  Is it charging? If there are any issues, please have your student notify their teacher the next day they are at school.

Please remind your student that their Chromebook should be brought to school fully charged every day. If your student has misplaced their Chromebook charger, please have them notify their teacher.  We will issue a fine for the lost item and supply a new one. 

Coaches' Corner

Coach Fernell Miller fmiller@nsd.org
Coach Ginny Allemann vallemann@nsd.org
Coach Scott Barstow sbarstow@nsd.org

Track Season is off to a great start! Help is still needed hosting our Home Meet May 9 at Kenmore Middle School. Please email Coach Allemann or Coach Barstow if you'd like to help.
Remember to wear your sneakers  with the best traction, and clothes that are easy to move in  on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Track and on your two PE days each week.

See you in the Gym or on the field! Go Hawks!

From the PTA     


Arrowhead Elementary Parent Teacher Associations mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families within the Arrowhead community.  We strive to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families and the wider community to create a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment allowing our students to excel personally, academically and socially.

Reimbursement Requests due Thursday, June 15. Please submit your reimbursements for PTA expenses for the 2022-23 year.  All funds spent and not submitted for reimbursement by that date will be considered a donation to the PTA.  The reimbursement form and instructions can be found here. Questions can be sent to treasurer@ptaarrowhead.org.

Mark your calendars & check Weekly Highlights and backpacks for more detail to follow:

  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: May 8-12
  • Art Night & Auction: June 6, 6:00-7:30pm
  • Hawk Walk: June TBA
  • Carnival: June 13th 

Subscribe to Weekly Highlights Newsletter:

Weekly-ish newsletter with the latest on what’s going on. Easy to subscribe on our website. Now available in other languages! (Just click your language at the bottom of each highlights) 

PTA volunteer opportunities:

Lots of opportunities to get involved listed on our website. Host an individual event with help from others or find a role that fits your interests/strengths. Don’t see something you want to do? Propose it!

Written on chalkboard - No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Thank you Volunteers!


WE are blessed to have PTA and this community for our partners. Fall Fundraising goals were met which helps fund Art, Science, Field Trips, books, grade level enrichment, and staff wish lists. 

Library Volunteers

Our amazing Library volunteers keep the Library humming. Checking books in and out and helping students find their just right book. 

Watch D.O.G.S.

A huge shout out to our amazing Watch D.O.G. Dads who spend most of their Thursday with us, helping lunch buyers, supervising/playing at recess, and PE support.

Art & Clay Docents

We are thrilled to have Art Docents back in our classrooms teaching our students the principles of art and encouraging their creativity with wonderful projects!

Field Trip Chaperones

Field Trips would not be possible without the time and patience of our wonderful field trip chaperones.

We are so grateful to PTA and this amazing community for their support!

Champions Before and After School Care

Champions Summer Camp:

Mystery Awaits at Champions this Summer! Are you looking for opportunities for your child to move, create, explore nature, make friends, and keep their brain active? 

This Summer we will jump into action, participating in exciting activities that highlight our five Camp Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Friendship, Movement, and Outdoors! 
Enroll for Summer Care today! For more information, visit discoverchampions.com.

Champions Before and After School Care

Give your child a creative space to discover what they love, be original, and build friendships! We currently have space before or after school for children in grades K - 5 at Arrowhead.

We partner with schools to compliment the learning they offer with our own robust curriculum for elementary schoolers. We are so excited about all of the fun May will hold! Our programs take extra special care of hearts and minds and give kids the space to do what they do best - be kids!

Ready to join? Sign up at discoverchampions.com, or email Arrowhead Site Director, Becky Lyons at Rebekah.Lyons@kindercare.com or 425.281.9644.

District News

Online Enrollment is Open for 2023-24
Learn More About Enrollment

Summer School Enrollment is Open for 2023
Learn More and Register

Need Mental Health Support? You are not alone. There are community supports for mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, self harm, and more.
Learn More

Arrowhead Hawks SOAR by being  
  Safe, Kind, and Responsible

       At Arrowhead, we create resilient and empathetic learners who confidently navigate their world through being innovative, creative, critical thinkers.

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