Hawk Herald June 2024

Hawk Herald June 2024

Hawk Herald June 2024

Principal Message

Arrowhead Community,
On the 13th I will be sitting in Memorial Stadium watching my daughters graduate from high school. I am feeling a little nostalgic.
There is so much ebb and flow, surge and retreat, to a child’s k-12 educational journey. My daughters were in 8th grade when we went into lockdown. They returned to in-person learning as 10th graders. There have been many ups and downs in the last four years.
Last night at our 5th grade concert I had the feeling we’ve returned to our pre-pandemic ability to sit peacefully in a crowded space. It felt joyful and innocent.
These 5th graders were in 1st grade when we went into lockdown, and they returned to in-person learning in 3rd grade. They struggled to be in crowded spaces, as we all did. Last night I saw these children sit patiently, with poise, while their classmates performed and their teachers spoke. The audience, too, sat peacefully, patiently. It felt beautiful. We’ve had big assemblies and concerts, but something about this particular group being able to share space and attend to each other in such a contented way felt different, like smelling a beautiful smell or hearing a sound you’ve forgotten about but that instantly takes you back to a wonderful memory. Ah yes, I thought, it was wonderful like this. It was easy like this.
This group is the group who had just gotten launched in our school community when we scattered, puff, like a dandelion’s seeds. There is no student who is as much of a hot shot as a 1st grader. I wonder sometimes if it’s really the apex of one’s academic career. First graders never just walk from point A to point B. They boogie, they jump, they skip, they confidently whirlwind their way through school spaces. They rule the school, in their own heads. While it was disruptive for everyone to be sent home to spend hours looking at a screen, I think sometimes it hit this group in a harder, more cruel way.
And yet, here they go. They are off to middle school and all our Hawks are already acting like their next grade. I see second graders in Mrs. Rad’s class, and fourth graders in Mrs. Bowker’s. We are already on the doorstep of what will be.
Last week I traded places with Principal Saitz at Northshore Middle School. She ate with our fifth graders here and I supervised the NMS cafeteria for their three lunches. At each lunch there were a few students who found quiet, private corners to sit on the floor against the wall – a bit of peace and solitude in what can be an overwhelming, crowded setting. They were all former Hawks. More than anything else, more than test scores and course placement, this ability to know what you need and act on it is what we want our students to be able to do when they leave us. Want to sit with a big group of friends and socialize for your 30-minute lunch? Great. Do that. Need to sit in a quiet space and have some down time? Great. Do that. I think that’s healthy, skilled, and solid. That’s what I want for my children and yours.
Next year my kids will be in Vermont, New Mexico and Oregon, but my nest won’t really be empty because, after all, I’m a Hawk.
Please forgive me if I hug your children a little more and take every opportunity to wipe a snotty nose, tie a shoe, or hold a hand. What’s better than loving children? Nothing. What’s more painfully wonderful than watching them grow up into little independent human beings? Nothing.
Love to you all and many joys for your summer months. I am so grateful to all of you for sharing your precious children with us and for being a part of our Arrowhead family.

Kristin Bailey, Principal

Around the School

C.P. & Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award Winners

The award was established in honor of two educators who dedicated their lives to improving the lives of all children in our community. As part of this honor, we recognize two students from each school who display the characteristics of a humanitarian in their school and community.

Recipients of the C.P. & Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award consistently demonstrate value and dignity of others, treat others with respect, and promote the common good. Recipients were selected based on three criteria: Acceptance, Community, and Advocacy.

Join us in congratulating our outstanding 5th graders Ayumi Meier and Harper Thompson!

PTA Outstanding Advocate and Educator Award Winners

Cameron Miller receiving his award from a PTA officer


Outstanding Advocate - Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller was nominated for going above and beyond to help kids feel seen, cared for, and encouraged at recess


Outstanding Educator -  Ms. Miller

Ms. Miller was nominated for her outstanding career spanning 4 decades teaching, advocating, encouraging, coaching, thousands of students and families to get out and play and to be kind to each other.


Ms. Miller running in the gym with a cape and crown
















Bikes, Books, and Baubles Winners


Congratulations to Maddie from Ms. Rad's room and Kingston from Ms. Bowker's room who's names were drawn from our reading promotion. Two brand new bikes were donated courtesy of the Ashler Lodge of Bothell! Keep reading Hawks!!!

Bike winners in front of the bike they won

Staff Retiring

Ms. Fernell Miller, PE/Health Specialist 1984-2024

I began my education in Northshore as a 5th grader at Kenmore Elementary, and graduated from Inglemoor High School in 1980!

My 40-year teaching career began at Kenmore Middle School, followed by Northshore and Skyview Middle School. Next, for at least 15 years I served both Woodinville and Bothell High School. Last, I went from Westhill, to Fernwood and now, Arrowhead Elementary. In this my final year, I "graduate" with honors with a Washington State Golden Apple Award, Arrowhead PTA Outstanding Educator Award, and decades of deeply rooted relationships that have created the space for me to create joy in my life and in the process allowed me to heal and flourish here in Northshore and beyond.

It has been an honor and a privilege to grow up, and serve in such a vibrant, passionate and compassionate community. The legacy I cherish most is bearing witness to the lifespan of so many students and their families as they grow and develop through the years. 

The Arrowhead memories I hold are precious and priceless; First I will miss torturing (I mean training) the most beautiful tiny humans with their amazing and mighty bodies, especially all the pirates (I mean participants) that show up on Family fitness Nights over the years. Someone needs to help me with a photo dump from my phone, so everyone can see all the beauty and bravery, chaos and creativity, and the joyfulness I witness every day. 

I'm especially grateful to all the numerous victims (I mean volunteers) who have helped to support the Track and Cross Country teams, Hawk Running Club, Field Day, Parents and Pastries, Map Making, Community Serve Days and countless projects and programs that filled and celebrated our community. The beauty of this campus nestled in the nearby state park brings me such joy, wisdom and healing, which is one of the  reasons why I have been able to hold space here so long. Camp Roots and the crew are graduating from IHS this year as well. I can't wait to reconnect and have reunions, especially going forward - so please stay in touch.

The other reason why I've stayed a Hawk so long, is because of my Crazy (I mean Compassionate, Caring, and Courageous) Colleagues who have held me in a nest of love, support, laughter, yummy FOOD, green-slime, beaUtiful music, a library that I can finally SEE myself in, recess dancing, with relationships I cherish, while creating opportunities to learn, grow and practice holding our humanity. The truth is, I would not have been able to thrive and build such meaningful relationships and programs for our young people and their families, without all of you holding me so TIGHTLY. The greatest gift you can give a Black woman is to hold space for her rage, especially in regards to being the last black classroom teacher in the entire school district, because it means you have held space for ALL of her humanity, which in turn made space for her deepest love, joy and healing. Thank you SO much for that gift. I hope you will stay connected and continue building upon that foundation.

I absolutely loved holding space and learning about so many brilliant, brave and talented youth in our community, and I'm so grateful for the amazing and influential experiences I've had with so many families. And yes! I will always remember everyone by the way they walk and run because I watched you during the growth spurt of your life! And because I'm your P.E. teacher, my voice will remain in your head, and I hope my smile will remain in your heart! I will truly miss the vantage point from my front row seat into your lives. Know that I will continue to educate, coach, mentor, and be your friend forever.

I love my Hawks, I LOVE my Hawks, I love MY Hawks, I love my HAWKS!   - I LOVE MY HAWKS!

I'm always Rooting for you!

Fernell Miller

PE/Health Specialist 1984 - 2024, CEO/Founder of The Root Of Us

Educator, Activist, Community Organizer and Consultant

My Links: linktr.ee/therootofus

Schedule a call here

Also see below:

Where we are from poem . .

Arrowhead Juneteenth Celebration

JEDI is excited to invite you to be a special part of Kenmore’s upcoming Juneteenth Celebration! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, celebrate, and share the significance of this important day in American history. More information can be found below.

Arrowhead Juneteenth Celebration

JEDI Donation Drive Cereal Box Domino Event

A huge thank you to all who donated boxes of cereal for our spring drive! We collected 318 boxes of cereal and were able to donate them evenly to:

  • Cedar Park Church Food Bank
  • Kenmore Senior Center
  • Northshore Senior Center

See our cereal box dominos in action video!

Is your family moving or not returning to Arrowhead?

Please make sure to fill out the following form if you will not be returning to Arrowhead for the 2024-2025 school year. This will ensure that we get your records to the next school quickly! We appreciate you all and wish you the very best on your next adventure.

Yearbooks Available for Sale

We have a VERY limited supply of yearbooks left for sale. If you would like to purchase one, please come by the office with $20.00 exact cash or a check payable to NSD. We will not be selling them via Touchbase. 

Please note this is first come, first served and that all sales are final. 

New Visitor / Volunteer Process

As you've noticed we received lock upgrades and security cameras on campus this fall. All NSD schools are implementing a new process for validating visitors and volunteers on campus through SafeVisitor Solutions. SafeVisitor Solutions is a cutting edge visitor management system developed specifically for K-12 schools and also used by districts in our surrounding area and the only one integrated with an international background screening company.

Please plan a few extra minutes the next time you are campus to volunteer or visit for us to print your visitor badge. You will be asked for your license. We can also access your information with your name and birthdate. For people who visit/volunteer frequently, we will save your badge in ticket holder to reuse. All visitors must check out of this system before leaving every time.

We appreciate your patience and partnership as we get this new system running smoothly and ensuring our campus is safe.

Free Summer Food (Ages 18 and Under)

Free summer meals are available to every child 18 and under, all summer long. Please click here for more information.

Backpacks for Kids - Northshore Schools Foundation

Backpacks for Kids is back! Helping families in need plan ahead for next school year. 

Registration is now open June 1st-Aug. 1st (Click here)

*this service is intended to support low income and families in financial need.


  • Pre-K through 12th grade students attending Northshore schools or programs in the 24/25 school year
  • Students who have received a backpack from the Northshore Schools Foundation in the past
  • Students whose families need assistance to get them ready to learn in Sept.

Track and Field Season Wrap Up

What a great season Hawks!

We are so proud of all of our athletes this season. Please read our season wrap up here.


Arrowhead track students showing off blue ribbons, their muscles and helping kids

Inglemoor High School Girls Summer Basketball Camp for grades 2-8

Vikings Youth Camp

Inglemoor Girls Basketball

Who: 2nd - 8th grade female athletes

When: Friday, 6/28 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Saturday, 6/29 - 9:00am - 3:30pm

Where: Inglemoor High School

Cost: $80 per camper (includes a camp t-shirt!)

Student Device Protection Program

The DPP covers the device (Chromebook, Macbook, or iPad) loaned to your student against accidental damage for the school year. This program does NOT cover damage resulting from misuse or loss of the device.  We expect all students to properly use their device and to secure it when it is not being used.  If the device is used improperly or is not secured while the student is not using it, families will be expected to pay the full cost of replacement or repair. 

More information can be found here.

From the Library

Ms. Ginny Allemann

Arrowhead Book Swap June 18 in the morning! 

Do you have books and magazines suitable for Pre-K-6 students? Please donate your used books to our book swap! We are collecting from now until June 18,  when we’ll be celebrating summer reading with a school-wide book swap! 

Students will get to visit the book swap (we envision a big book store like set-up with tables of books for different age groups) on June 18 and take home a bag of a few books they want to read next! The number of books will depend on how many we are able to gather. 

So clean out your bookshelves and closets and pass the old and already-read books along to other children! Bring them into the library or to the office and we’ll store them for the big event!

Books are Due June 14

All library books are due Wednesday, June 12. Please watch for reminder notices of the books that are outstanding. Please check with Ms. Ginny about replacing or paying for lost books. 

Soda Float Reading Challenge!

Incoming 4th and 5th graders have received a recording sheet for the annual Soda Float Reading Challenge! These titles are all available in print, in audiobook and ebook format. Be sure to use the King County Library this summer! Encourage your student to read some of these book so they’ll have a good start on completing the challenge by spring break of 2025! The books are all now available in the library. 

Books, Bingo, Bikes & Baubles!

Lots of reading was happening in May as kids participated Book Bingo! Two bikes were donated by the Ashler Lodge of Bothell. The prizes went to….

KCLS Summer Reading

Our local Kenmore youth services librarian visits June 11 to promote the summer reading program at the King County Library! Visit your library frequently throughout the summer to get new books, access interesting programming, and instill the love and habit of reading in your children! 

Thank you, Volunteers

I would like to thank the wonderful cadre of library volunteers who have faithfully checked in, shelved, processed, stamped, swiffered, scanned, cut, glued, repaired, organized, read, helped and helped and helped! You are the best ever!

Arrowhead Library is open and ALIVE each morning at 8:35! Stop by and start the day with reading, legos, chatting about books, and of course, exploring the library! Library Website here! 

Hope to see you soon @ the library!

-Ms. Ginny Allemann

From the Health Room

Nurse Anne Janssen
Registered Nurse

Medication Pick-up reminder:

Please be sure to pick up your student's medications from the health room on the last day by noon at the latest. Medications must be picked up by an adult, they cannot go home with students. If your students' med is not a rescue med (ie. Epipen etc), please stop by when convenient. If your student is not attending on the last day, you can pick up meds on their last day of attendance. 

Please call if you have any questions.  

Mental Health & Crisis Support:

  • You are not alone. There are community supports for mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, self-harm, and more. Click here for more information.

Technology Tidbits

Mrs. Amy Smith
School Technology Specialist

Technology over the summer

2nd - 5th grade students will keep their devices this summer!

Students currently in 2nd - 5th grades will be keeping their assigned computing devices over the summer months to allow for continuous learning.  Students and families are expected to take care of their assigned device by keeping it charged and in its bag when not in use.  Students who are enrolled in summer learning programs are expected to bring their device to summer programs each day.   If families need support using their device or troubleshooting technical issues, they should create a help ticket.

If you do not want your child to keep their Chromebook at home over the summer, you must fill out an opt-out form.  The form must be filled out by Friday, 6/14/2024. The device, bag and charger must be turned in by Tuesday, 6/18/2024. 

Are you traveling over the summer?

If you are traveling within the United States, please be aware that many hotel Wi-Fi connections are not secure enough to support the district device. 

If you are traveling outside the United States, you must submit a tech ticket in advance to be able to use a district device. Because some foreign countries are hotspots for cyber-crime, the district locks down Wi-Fi capabilities outside the Unites States.  In order for your child's district device to work while traveling overseas, the tech department needs to know where and when you'll be traveling. Please allow 7-10 business days for the request to be processed.  

Device Protection Program (DPP)

What is DPP?

The DPP program covers the device (Chromebook, MacBook, or iPad) loaned to your student against accidental damage for the school year. This program does NOT cover damage resulting from misuse or loss of the device.  We expect all students to properly use their device and to secure it when it is not being used.  If the device is used improperly or is not secured while the student is not using it, families will be expected to pay the full cost of replacement or repair. In rare cases, a fine can be waived with approval from District Technology Staff.  If you want to apply for a fine waiver, please complete this form.

The standard payment to enroll in the NSD Student Device Protection Plan is $25 per year; free for students who have qualified for free or reduced-price meals and who have provided consent to share their status for fee waivers. No refunds will be given once enrolled in this program.  If the assigned device is accidentally damaged, families will be charged according to the following deductible schedule:

  • 1st Incident; $0
  • 2nd Incident; 50% reduction of cost of repair
  • 3rd Incident; Full cost of repair

Any loss of a device will result in a fine equal to the total cost of replacement of the device. This includes the device charger and bag.  In rare cases, a fine can be waived with approval from District Technology Staff.  If you want to apply for a fine waiver, please complete this form.

Enrollment in DPP must occur before damage occurs for DPP to apply.  If there is no DPP on file for a student when damage occurs and the fine is assessed, the full repair cost will be charged.  Fines for damaged devices will be applied promptly and can be paid in our online payment system.  We cannot take replacement items such as power cables that were purchased on Amazon or at a retail store, as use of those items may cause safety issues or void warranties.

2023-2024 DPP

DPP is still available for purchase for the 2023-2024 school year.  DPP purchased now will cover a student's device through the summer.

2024-2025 DPP

DPP for the 2024-2025 school year will be available for purchase through InTouch in mid to late August. This purchase will cover the device from the first day of school (9/3/2024) through the day before school starts 2025. 

Notes from the Office

Ms. Poe Joya, Secretary/Registrar
425.408.4002 fax

Ms. Kelly Vedaa, Office Manager


23-24 Northshore District School Year Calendar
24-25 Northshore District School Year Calendar

14 All Library books due to Ms. Ginny
18 Book Swap and Field Day
19 Juneteenth - NO SCHOOL
20 PTA Carnival, 5:00 - 8:00pm
25 Last Day of School - 11:30am Dismissal
12 PTA All-school Playdate, 3:00pm Playground
2 PTA Kindergarten Playdate, 2:00pm Playground
15 PTA Kindergarten Playdate, 11:00am Playground
25 Community Serve Day 9:00am - 1:00pm, Arrowhead Campus
27 PTA Kindergarten Playdate, 5:00pm
29 Welcome Back Open House 5:15 - 6:00pm
3 School Begins Grades 1 - 5
3 - 5 Kindergarten Family Meetings
4 Regular Dismissal 3:30pm
6 Kindergarteners Last Name A - L Attends School
9 Kindergarteners Last Name M - Z Attends School
10 All Kindergarten Attends School Together
11 Early Release 2:00pm
17 Curriculum Night Grades K - 2, 5:30pm
18 Individual Picture Day
24 Curriculum Night Grades 3 - 5, 5:30pm

Lost and Found Rack 

Please check the Lost and Found Rack next time you are on campus. We will donate any items left over on the last day of school.

Thank you for clearly labeling your child's items so we can return them to them when forgotten or lost.

From the PTA


Arrowhead PTA

Arrowhead Elementary Parent Teacher Associations mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families within the Arrowhead community.  We strive to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families and the wider community to create a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment allowing our students to excel personally, academically and socially

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the PTA events, activities, and programs happen this year. We can’t do this without all the amazing support of parents, staff members, and community members. 

Upcoming PTA Events

June 5 Spring Parents n' Pastries (after school)
June 7 Popcorn Friday
June 18 Arrowhead Field Day
June 20 PTA Carnival
June 21 5th Grade Party
July 12 All School (K-5) Summer Playdate (3:00-5:00pm)
August 3 Kindergarten Playdate #1 (2:00-4:00pm)
August 15 Kindergarten Playdate #2 (11:00am-1:00pm)
August 25 Community Serve Day
August 27 Kindergarten Playdate #3 (5:00-7:00pm)
August 29 Welcome Back Night

PTA Spring Fundraiser 

Thanks to all who donated money and time to this year's Hawk Walk. We exceeded our goal of $5,000!!! 

With your support, Arrowhead Elementary PTA provides:

  • Classroom Funds for books and supplies
  • Enrichment Programs including, Art Docent, Clay Docent, Reflections
  • Scholarship Funds support access for students to PTA-sponsored programs
  • Arrowhead Community Events
  • School, Family, and Community Support through Emergency Prep, Staff Appreciation, New Family and Special Services support

PTA Executive Board Elections

Arrowhead PTA has a new executive board! The following individuals were elected to serve next year. A big thank you to our nomination committee and Kristin Bailey for helping to secure this amazing team.

Co-Presidents: Sarah Duncan and Alicia Terrenzio

Vice President: Emily Palm-Yedo  

Secretary: Nikki Noble  

Co-Treasurers: Justin Connors and Whitney Connors

Congratulations to our PTA Recognition Award Recipients

Thank you to everyone who contributes your time, energy, and excitement for the PTA and the Arrowhead community. The following are individuals who go above and beyond and were awarded one of our recognition awards this year!

Golden Acorn Award:

  • Sarah Skogsbergh
  • Sumaya Harrison
  • Kelli Friedlander
  • Jenine Fisher
  • Grace O’Brien

Outstanding Educator Award: 

Fernell Miller

Outstanding Advocate Award: 

Cameron Miller

Honorary Lifetime Member Award: 

Amy Thompson

Carnival Volunteers Needed - Save the Date! 

The Arrowhead Carnival will be Thursday, June 20 from 5:00-8:00 p.m

We need your help to make the carnival a success for our kids! If you plan to attend, please volunteer for a role at the carnival. This is also a great chance for some of our amazing Arrowhead alumni to come back to campus, volunteer along with their friends, and help create fond memories for the next generation of Hawks! And, as always, we are also in need of store-bought cakes, pies, and cookies for the cake walk. Please use the QR code below to sign up or visit https://tinyurl.com/5373c4sk.

We also need carpenters! To cut down on long-term costs, we are searching for skilled individuals to build some of the carnival games we normally rent each year. If you know someone who could help, please email carnival@ptaarrowhead.org

PTA Reimbursement Requests

The deadline to submit any outstanding PTA reimbursement requests is Friday, June 21 at 3:30 p.m. for the 23-24 year. All funds spent and not submitted for reimbursement by that date will be considered a donation to the PTA. The reimbursement form and instructions can be found here. Please return the completed reimbursement form and all original receipts to the PTA Treasurer’s box in the Office.

Questions can be sent to treasurer@ptaarrowhead.org.

Volunteer Opportunities for 2024-25

We are actively recruiting for Event and Activity Chairs for next year! Check out our list of positions and reach out to let us know how you’d like to get involved. There is something for everybody!

New PTA Membership Platform for 2024-25

The Washington State PTSA has announced that the Givebacks membership platform will replace Memberplanet for PTA membership registrations and fundraising starting next school year. More details to come as the new school year approaches!

Summer Playdates

Join us this summer for playdates at Arrowhead. It’s a time to connect with each other over the break and have some fun! Note, bathrooms will not be available during these, so please plan accordingly.

  • July 12, 3:00-5:00 pm: All School Playdate (K-5)
  • August 3, 2:00-4:00 pm: Kindergarten Playdate #1
  • August 15, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm: Kindergarten Playdate #2
  • August 27, 5:00-7:00 pm: Kindergarten Playdate #3

If you are interested in hosting an additional all-school playdate in August, please contact execteam@ptaarrowhead.org.

Welcome Back Night  

In preparation for the Arrowhead PTA Welcome Back Night at the end of August, we are looking for organizations interested in hosting a table. This event provides an opportunity to reach out to the school community to provide information about your program and connect with people who want to be involved. 

If you are interested or know of someone who would like to join us, please email execteam@ptaarrowhead.org.

Community Serve Day

Community Serve Day will be Sunday, August 25, 2024 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. This is an event to get the school ready for the new school year. There are a variety of jobs to volunteer for such as gardening, pressure washing, and general cleaning. For more information about CSD, visit this FAQ page.

Sign up the whole family here! 

Thank you Volunteers!!!

Written on chalkboard - No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Staff Appreciation Week

An enormous, thank you to Kelli F. and Nikki N. for organizing Staff Appreciation Week, the delicious Panera lunch on May 29, spreading some love and cheer in the Staff bathrooms, and reorganizing our Staff Lounge with tidy, organized cupboards, new bins, a coffee station, beverages, snacks, and more!!! We are so grateful for your kindness you spread.

Chess Club with Mr. K.

We are delighted to have Zach K., share his time, equipment, and passion for Chess with our students every Thursday during primary and intermediate lunch recess!

PTA Art Club Volunteers

Thanks to Rachel B. and Sarah S., we're able to offer Recess Art Club every Friday

Art & Clay Docents

We are thrilled to have Art Docents in our classrooms teaching our students the principles of art and encouraging their creativity with wonderful projects!

Field Trip Volunteers

Field trips would not be possible without the time and patience of our wonderful field trip chaperones.


WE are blessed to have PTA and this community for our partners! Recent SEC Grants were approved for Yearbooks for families in need, Kindergarten field trip to the Bellevue Art Museum, 3rd grade math manipulatives, new rolling art panels, 2nd grade math manipulatives, school planners in 4th and 5th grade, school wide student folders, school wide supplemental materials covering ELA, Math, Engineering, Technology, health, arts, field trips, 5th grade Playwriting Residency with Studio East, and our new totem pole carved by Eagleson Williams that is in the Library!

Library Volunteers

Our amazing Library volunteers keep our Library in top shape, checking books in and out, helping find that just right book and assisting Ms. Ginny with special projects.

We are so grateful to PTA and this amazing community for their support!

Champions Before and After School Care

Now Enrolling for 2024 Summer Champ Camp!

Did you know? Champions at Arrowhead provides care on school grounds both before and after school, AND full day care during break programs at neighboring locations?  Check out our Summer Champ Camp 2024, now enrolling!

SUMMER 2024 Champ Camp - Registration is OPEN!

Location: Lockwood Elementary or Canyon Creek Elementary

Dates: 7/1/2024 - 8/23/2024 (CLOSED 7/4 & 7/5)

Times: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Cost: $315 per week  

Enroll: online at discoverchampions.com

Interested in care for the 24/25 school year?  For more information or to inquire about financial assistance, please contact our Arrowhead Champions teachers directly at 425-281-9644 or ch001095@discoverchampions.com, or our supporting Site Director for fall enrollments, Michele Williams, at 425-398-5452.

Ms. Taelor Meas
Arrowhead Champions Site Director

District News



Northshore preschool programs are now enrolling children, ages 3-5. The preschool years are among the most critical in a child's life that influence learning. The Northshore School District is committed to providing the support that our youngest learners need to prepare them to succeed in school, cultivate friendships, and create a sense of community and belonging. The district proudly offers a variety of inclusive general education learning environments.  

Available preschool programs include both FREE and tuition-based options.

FREE Programs: Head Start and Ready Start

Eligibility is determined by the child’s age, family income, and opportunity gaps. These programs are located at Sorenson Early Childhood CenterWoodmoor Elementary, and Arrowhead Elementary Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis for eligible families. Families are encouraged to complete an application as soon as possible. The information on the application is confidential and used only to determine a child’s eligibility for the programs. The District does not require, check, or report on immigration or DSHS status. View the applications for income-eligible free preschool.

Tuition Based Program

The Ready Start programs are located at Sorenson Early Childhood Center and Woodmoor Elementary. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Families are encouraged to complete an application as soon as possible. View the application for tuition-based programs.

To learn more about any of our district preschool programs, visit the Northshore Early Childhood District website

Families who have questions can call 425.408.5517. 

Arrowhead Hawks SOAR by being Safe, Kind, and Responsible

At Arrowhead, we create resilient and empathetic learners who confidently navigate their world through being innovative, creative, critical thinkers.                                                                                                                                        

Arrowhead Elementary
6725 NE Arrowhead Drive
Kenmore, WA 98028
Fax: 425.408.4002
website: arrowhead.nsd.org


Cup art installed on a fence that reads You Belong Here and an eagle head (mascot)



Northshore School District is enriched by the many experiences and perspectives each individual member brings to our District and community. Therefore, our District prohibits discrimination based on age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or the presence of any sensory, cognitive, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability.