Hawk Herald January 2023

Hawk Herald January 2023

January 2023

From the Principal

Principal Kristin Bailey

Dear Families and Community,

Here we are in 2023! It's good to be back with students and I look forward to the lengthening days.

I wanted to address something I have heard from many parents and seen in our students, and that is the anxiety some children feel about school, their reluctance to go to school or their inability to make it through the whole day. We're seeing this most in our 1st and 2nd graders, but it's more common across all grades than it was pre-pandemic.

It makes sense. School is challenging and tiring. Our 1st and 2nd graders missed pre-school and kindergarten, where you build those skills of "How do I survive a whole day of others?" and "What do I do if I'm tired and don't want to do something and mom and dad aren't here?" These are big, difficult things for a little person. While classmates and staff aren't "strangers," they aren't family. School includes hundreds of ways of talking, behaving and existing and it's much more tiring mentally, socially and emotionally than home.

If your child is exhibiting big resistance or anxiety in the morning or wants to come home "sick" every day, you are not alone. We are seeing this in many of our students.

I'm including some resources at the end of this, but we are good resources too. Please reach out to me, Ms. Gonda, Mrs. Fukuda, Nurse Anne or your child's teacher if you need help building your child's school stamina or if you have concerns about your child's anxiety around school.

It's also important to model your own ability to do hard things, and to make space for your child's ability to do hard things. I always asked my daughter, "What was the best part of today? What was the most challenging part of today? What was the funniest thing that happened today?" at bedtime because she was a really anxious child. Sandwiching what was hard and how she got through it between two easy moments helped her build her skill set and recognize that she could and did do hard things every day. If I was reluctant to go to night school or work, I would share that I was really tired or I wished I could stay home, but then I'd share what I was looking forward to or why I was determined to do something hard, even if I didn't really want to.

Another thing impacting children's resilience is that their tech skills are advanced and they aren't getting enough sleep. I hear, even from young children, that they are up late playing games or watching videos. When we are exhausted we are less able to handle strong emotions or difficult things. Helping your children get adequate rest will make a big difference in their resilience.

And finally, I think every parent is playing catch-up after the last few years. People are taking long-delayed trips to see family, they are catching up on delayed medical care and dental appointments and they feel obligated to get children busy in all the activities that were paused during the pandemic. Families are stretched thinner than I've ever seen them. It's important to take stock and make sure the grown ups are rested, too.


https://www.understood.org/en/articles/what-to-say-when-kids-with-learning-and-thinking-d ifferences-dont-want-to-go-to-school

https://www.usnews.com/education/k12/articles/what-to-do-when-your-kid-refuses-to-go-to -school

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or need support. We're here.


School Happenings

MLK / Changemakers Assembly January 13

All are invited to join us Friday, January 13 at 9:15 a.m. in the Gym as our JEDI team hosts the MLK / Changemakers assembly. Our JEDI students worked extremely hard picking which Changemakers they wanted to showcase, researching about these Changemakers, and writing out their speeches for the upcoming assembly. This is the first time JEDI has put together a school-wide assembly, so there are some nerves mixed in with the excitement.

JEDI students hope that people leave this assembly feeling inspired to become Changemakers in their own community! 

Yearbook Cover Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to all of the amazing yearbook cover submissions by our 5th grade class! We appreciate all of the courage, effort, and time that each artist took to create their vision. After much deliberation, our winners for this year are Hailey Hough (Ms. Borgers) and Holland Jansen (Mrs. Barnhart).

Congratulations Hailey and Holland! Your art will be featured as the cover photos for our Arrowhead yearbook. We are so proud!

Notes From the Office

View our Calendar

Paola Joya 

Kelly Vedaa

Arrival and Dismissal 2022-2023

8:45 a.m. Students may arrive on campus
8:57 a.m. Welcome Bell
9:00 a.m. School Begins*
3:35 p.m. Dismissal
2:00 p.m. Wednesday Early Release

*Students arriving after 9:00 a.m. must check in at the office and get a pass before going to class.


Late Arrival / Excused Absence

If your child will arrive late or be absent from school:

Please call our 24-hour Attendance line 425.408.4010 or email ahattendance@nsd.org and your student’s teacher by 9:00 a.m.

Prearranged / Extended Absence

In the event that your child will miss more than 2 school days in a row for a reason other than a health or medical issue, please complete and return a printed copy of the Absence Request Form to the office or email a copy of the completed form to ahattendance@nsd.org.

Change in After School Plans

If your child is going to change from their normal method of getting home or has some other alternate plan, please complete and return a printed copy of the Change in After School Plan Form or send a note with your student.

Lost and Found

Please check for your student’s items when on campus.

Our Lost and Found Rack is located outside the Library. Please clearly label all of your child's belongings so they can be returned to them when lost.

Northshore School District 2022-2023 Calendar


We love our volunteers! All volunteers in Northshore are required to complete an online volunteer application before being able to volunteer in classrooms or on field trips. Volunteers are expected to renew your application annually and will receive an email alert one month before your application expires. If you completed a Level 2 background check in the past, (required for field trip chaperones) you will only need to complete a Level 1 check to renew your volunteer status. Please reach out to the office if you are unsure of your volunteer status, 425.408.4000. All field trip chaperones and drivers must be Level 2 status.

We are accepting Waivers for the 2022-2023 School Year!

Did you know families outside of our boundary can choose Arrowhead with a waiver? We have space at our school to accommodate additional students in 2022-23 and beyond. Families looking for a smaller, more-inclusive elementary school, or who may be looking for a school with an innovative project-based learning curriculum would make a great addition to our community!

Interested families can reach out to Principal Bailey with any questions and/or you can direct people to the Waiver information page on the district website.

Let’s keep our community strong!

Update Emergency Phone Numbers and Contacts

Parents are able to update their information and emergency contact information through ParentVUE. We ask that you have the most up to date information in our system in case we need to get a hold of you in an emergency.

If you need help logging into ParentVue, please contact the Office at 425.408.4000.

Closures and Delays

If no schedule changes are posted, schools and buses are operating on normal schedules.

Emergencies such as inclement weather, power outages and hazardous road conditions can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation. The decision to close or delay schools is made by the superintendent as early as possible, usually around 5:30 a.m. Early dismissals will occur only if a delay in dismissal significantly increases hazards.

Closures and Delays

Ready Start Early Childhood Tuition Program

The Ready Start program is a blended multi-age, inclusive model, serving students, ages 3 – 5 and is currently enrolling at both locations (Sorenson and Woodmoor Elementary) for the 22/23 school year.

Classrooms are taught and supported by a general education teacher, a special education teacher, and a paraprofessional. Inclusive classrooms create a dynamic learning environment for all students.

The application can be found on the Northshore School District Ready Start Tuition Program or call Sorenson Early Childhood Center 425.408.5570.

PACE Application Deadline for 2023-2024 school year

PACE (Parents Active in Cooperative Education), a choice educational enrichment program offered through the Northshore School District, is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year. All applications are due prior to the February 9th PACE lottery drawing deadline, and a site tour is required prior to application.

The hallmarks of PACE include an enhanced educational experience due to high parent involvement, enrichment activities, encouragement for students to become self-motivated learners and a strong sense of community among families. Families commit to a minimum number of volunteer hours per year of program support. PACE is located at three elementary school sites in the district with feeder patterns from all Northshore elementary schools.

To register for a site tour at PACE at Woodmoor Elementary, please email enrollment@paceatwoodmoor.org or visit www.nsd.org/PACE.

Champions Before and After School Care

Give your child a creative space to discover what they love, be original, and build friendships! We currently have space before or after school for children in grades K - 2 at Arrowhead.

We partner with Schools to compliment the learning they offer with our own robust curriculum for Elementary schoolers. We are so excited about all of the fun January will hold! Our Programs take extra special care of hearts and minds and give kids a safe place to do what they do best - be kids!

Ready to Join? Go to discoverchampions.com, or email Becky Lyons, Arrowhead Site Director at Rebekah.Lyons@kindercare.com with any questions.

From the Playground

Cameron Miller

Welcome back Hawks and a Happy New year!

We are sad to see half of team Miller go. Ms. Katie will be moving on to go all in on her own business! We will truly miss her, but she will still be around for Jedi meetings and other school events. Thank you for all that you have done for our school!

Her lasting impact on the playground is still felt as we still have many students volunteering for the green team she started, making our campus cleaner, and safer for our community.

As the school year continues, the playground needs will change as the weather does too. So be prepared for new projects coming in the new year!

At Recess, our goal is for students to learn how to play, socialize and problem solve on their own. With so many different activities available during recess we want to emphasize the importance of taking ownership of these skills and having the opportunity to practice them. With that in mind, recess has transitioned to becoming more student lead, with new alternative activities.

Here is a list of our alternative Recess activities available for students:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays - Library open – (Grades 3-5)
  • Wednesday’s – Green Team, Pokémon Club with Mrs. Fukuda (Grades 3-5)
  • Fridays – Art Club with Mrs. Hoff (Grades K-5)

We hope you all had a wonderful, restful winter break and we’re excited to see what the new year has in store for us! 

From the Health Room

Nurse Anne Janssen

Illness Reminder:

Please note: a negative covid test is still required for all students returning to school after an absence related to illness. Please test your student within 24 hours of returning to school. Home test kits are available in the office if you need them.

If your student had Covid during winter break, please report this to the school nurse or office. We are still required to report positive cases to the department of health.

Borrowed clothes:

If your student borrowed clothes or shoes from the Health Room, we appreciate having these returned so they are available for others to borrow when needed.

We are in very short supply of girls leggings, sizes 8 & 10, and boys athletic type pants sizes in all sizes, 4-10. If you have gently used pants your students are no longer wearing, we welcome donations to the health room. We do not need tops, just bottoms. Thank you!

Resources available to those in need:

Many resources are available to Northshore families. Please see the following links, NSD Resources, or contact myself or our school Counselor Ms. Gonda jgonda@nsd.org if you are in need of some assistance.

Threads & Treads:

For all NSD families - Canyon Park Middle School - Wednesdays 3-6pm and the 1st Saturday every month 9:00-12:00 p.m. Threads & Treads 

Clothes hanging on racks in a consignment shop.

Clothes for Kids:

For all NSD families and Snohomish County residents. Clothes for Kids

Northshore Schools Foundation

From the Library

Librarian Ginny Allemann

Grants Received!

Our library recently received a grant from the Northshore Schools Foundation for materials to do a project related to Kamishibai, a traditional Japanese style of storytelling! We are really excited to begin using our materials with students as soon as they arrive!

In addition, Cullen Jowell received a grant to add bilingual Spanish and English materials to our library! The books are on their way to our shelves and students' hands soon!

January 16 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Focus your home reading on civil rights this month. Take a look here for some ideas.

And don’t forget Lunar New Year is January 22.

Missoula Children’s Theatre will be rehearsing in the library after school January 17-20!

Our library is open each morning at 8:35! Stop by and start the day with reading. Explore the library! Read, play a game, work on a puzzle, or chat with Ms. Ginny! Check out our Library Website here. Are you searching for a book? Try Destiny Discover, our library catalog! Check my Instagram account for weekly updates @arrowheadhawksread.

A huge thank you to families who donated books to our library from our Wishlist. Getting books our community needs is an incredible gift to all our students and staff.

Hope to see you soon @ the library! Keep reading!

-Ms. Ginny Allemann

Words from the book Be A King by Carole Boston Weatherford.
Bulletin board of Civil rights themed books.

Technology Update

STS - Amy Smith
School Technology Specialist

Please have your student sign out AND shut down their device. This will allow the Chromebook to restart and install necessary updates.

**If your student had an iPad while traveling over winter break, please have them return the iPad, charging cord and wall plug when on campus.

 Counselor's Corner

Joan Gonda

Happy Winter Arrowhead families!

The cold chilly weather, and dark early afternoons are upon us, bringing us to be a little more tired, anxious, and stressed especially for the holidays. But it also invites us to more indoor activities, and gatherings with family and friends. As we are in the season to check in on our gratitude, and look on to the changes we set to make for ourselves this new year, I wanted to share with all of you an at home activity that can help promote positive social emotional practices. These can be incorporated with seasonal activities (which I’ve also listed below) and help create stronger connections for you and your students. So grab that apple cider, hot chocolate, or favorite hot beverage, and gather your family.

Blue and green grid of nine boxes that is social emotional choice board

SEL Tic Tac Toe

This activity the whole family can do together and can accomplish as a team or challenge each other to do 3 in a row!

Winter science experiments

Painted Ice Lantern

Stained glass banner


Spirit of Giving Food Drive Update

Thank you, Arrowhead families! With your help, we collected 435 items to donate to our local food bank!

Music Notes

Mrs. Harris

Ms. Webb

Marimba club is starting a winter session! We will be meeting Wednesday mornings from 8:15-8:55 starting January 11 through March 29th. We have several performances scheduled including Multi-Cultural Night and "Schools In Rhythm," a Northshore showcase of percussion groups in the district. This exciting performance group only had 20 slots available. It is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Preference will be given to 4th and 5th graders and if there is still space, 3rd graders will be randomly selected for the group. For more information and to sign up visit THIS MARIMBA FORM. *Please note that the current lunch recess marimba club will not be continuing due to schedule changes.

The Arrowhead Choir recently had a wonderful community performance at the Kenmore Winter Luminary Walk on Dec. 8th and then an impromptu performance for the school during recess. We have some exciting performances coming up in the new year, including the Martin Luther King Assembly, Multicultural Night and a Spring Concert. If your student is interested in joining choir, it is never too late! All 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are welcome to join! We rehearse every Tuesday at lunch recess. Please complete THIS CHOIR FORM or email Mrs. Harris if your student would like to join choir. *Please note, students already in choir do not need to turn in a new form.

Questions or need more info? Contact Elise Harris - eharris@nsd.org

Coaches' Corner

Coach Fernell Miller

Coach Scott Barstow 

Coach Ginny Allemann 

Coach Heidi Padilla


Happy New Year Hawks!

Remember to wear your sneakers with the best traction, and clothes that are easy to move in during your two PE days each week.

See you in the Gym!

PTA Corner


Arrowhead Elementary Parent Teacher Associations mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families within the Arrowhead community. We strive to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families and the wider community to create a safe, inclusive and healthy learning environment allowing our students to excel personally, academically and socially.

Subscribe to Highlights Newsletter:

Weekly-ish newsletter with the latest on what’s going on. Easy to subscribe on our website. Now available in other languages! (Just click your language at the bottom of each highlights)

PTA volunteer opportunities:

lots of opportunities to get involved listed on our website. Host an individual event with help from others or find a role that fits your interests/strengths. Don’t see something you want to do? Propose it!

January 10th: January General Membership Meeting

7pm, in-person, in the Arrowhead Library
See you there!

January 17-21: Missoula Children’s Theater Presents: Rumpelstiltskin

A whirlwind of a theatrical production which takes place, from casting to performance, in just one week! There are roles for 60 students Kindergarten – 5th grade to participate and there are great roles for all ages.

Register by January 6th via 6 crickets to participate, scholarships available contact vp@ptaarrowhead.org.

Schedule and more details can be found on the PTA website: https://www.ptaarrowhead.org/activities/

Black and white picture of Rumpelstiltskin advertised by Missoula Children's Theater

Save the Date!

April 4 Multicultural night has been rescheduled to include a student musical performance. More information to come!

Thank You Volunteers!

Chalkboard with Aesop quote: No act of kindness not matter how small is ever wasted.

Kindness Connects Us


WE are blessed to have PTA and this community for our partners. Fall Fundraising goals were met which helps fund Art, Science, Field Trips, books, grade level enrichment, and staff wish lists.

Library Volunteers

Our amazing Library volunteers keep the Library humming. Checking books in and out and helping students find their just right book.

Watch D.O.G.S.

A huge shout out to our amazing Watch D.O.G. Dads who spend most of their Thursday with us, helping lunch buyers, supervising/playing at recess, and PE support.

Art & Clay Docents

We are thrilled to have Art Docents back in our classrooms teaching our students the principles of art and encouraging their creativity with wonderful projects!

Field Trip Chaperones

Field Trips would not be possible without the time and patience of our wonderful field trip chaperones.

We are so grateful to PTA and this amazing community for their support!

District News


New Communications Tool ParentSquare goes live January 23

ParentSquare will provide families and students streamlined communications, responsive to your needs including, but not limited to:

  • Communication in your preferred language;
  • Messages from school(s) or the District via email, text, or app notification;
  • Opportunity to receive information as it is sent, or all at once with a daily digest at the end of the day;
  • Ability to reply to staff directly from a post (similar to social media) in the app;
  • Direct messaging to staff; and
  • Ability to sign up for conferences, sign forms, permission slips, and much more all from your mobile device or computer.

Look for an email coming soon from District with directions on how to activate your Parentsquare account. After you’re logged into your account, you can also access help articles for more information on navigating and using ParentSquare.

Need Help Activating your Account or Have Questions?

If you would like assistance activating your account, district staff will be available to walk you through the steps needed during two ParentSquare Q&A sessions this month: 

We look forward to sharing more information with you about ParentSquare soon!

Arrowhead Hawks Soar by being Safe, Kind, and Responsible

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